Oneway Chihuahuas

Home of "The Cutest Little Dog You'll Ever See"


  Oneway Chihuahuas’ puppies are not only well bred but their beauty goes back throughout their pedigrees and includes many many Champions.  You can check their ancestors by clicking on the names in their respective pedigrees.

They are also raised in my home and become very well socialized and loved. They are fed Nutri Source Puppy, a premium complete food.  If you would choose a different kibble, please gather as much information as you can before choosing. This is an extremely important decision you will be making.  My puppies will be given age appropriate worming and vaccinations.  5Way shots are used which do NOT contain the Leptospirosis.  While some veterinarians start Heartworm prevention at 6 weeks, I like to use Pyrantel Pamoate  at 6 weeks and start the Heartworm at 8 weeks.  Once started on Heartworm prevention,  it is important to continue monthly or you will have to test before prevention can be started.  It takes 6 months for the parasite to reach adult status and only adult status shows on current Heartworm tests.  I connect with each and every baby as the individual they are while I am their nanny.  And I love it.  Chihuahuas are fabulous companions.  And they will become family members make no mistake. They absolutely love having a family to belong to and take care of and play with.  If you are not prepared at this time to take on the new responsibilities (much as a child) that will come with a new puppy, and make the commitment, please do not.  But if you are, you are most welcome to come and meet them in person.  If that is not an option for you at this time, a nonrefundable deposit of $200 will reserve your puppy.  While I myself do not ship there are other options available to you.

Please visit the Facts ~ Forms ~ Guarantee page.  I print these out for you but it’s good information to read in advance of bringing your new puppy home.

 ~ Pictures are enlarged to show “cuteness” detail.  Puppies are actually pretty darn small  🙂