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Sandy, I can’t believe it has been 6 months since Ricki (Eddie) and Desi (Edgar) came home with us. They are doing so well; Ricki caught up to Desi in weight and the Vet says they are doing really well. They will see Dr Ryan next week for their neutering

Ricki and Desi

then they will be able to begin their training. I have to say that they are so well loved by all of our friends and family because they are so friendly, active and playful. I hope you are well and thank you again for sending the boys home with us. Vicki and Kathy.

Elly Beth




Good Morning, Sandy!

I hope this finds you doing well. I wanted to share a few updated pics of Elly. She is so beautiful! She is very smart too and hilarious! ❤️

Have a blessed day,





Sandy, We thought you would enjoy seeing how Handsome Cody is at  6 months of age! He is such a love, and such a character…..he makes us very happy!! He is 7 lbs.,  healthy and loving his life with us!! Everyone that sees him cannot believe how cute he is! Our 5 Grandkids have a ball with him. So glad we found your website and Cody!! Pat and Al

We had two rescue Chi’s before I purchased a puppy from Sandy.. My
former Chihuahua’s lived long into their senior years. Did not think I
could love again the pain was so bad losing them a year a part. Lily
has been the best dog I ever had in 57 years!. What a beautiful and
smart mind she has! Your breeding is well thought out and your puppies
come ready to be the most wonderful part of the family! That makes a
world of difference in a dog’s conformation and attitude. Thank you
for your hard work!. Lily is 5 now and we are blessed to share our
lives with a OneWay Chihuahua.  Happy weekend!
Kari K Hanson and Lily Whisper of Grace

Hi Sandy,I wanted to thank you for raising such perfect puppies!  Lilah and Lincoln are now 8 months old.  We are so in love with these two little ones!  Also, we are so happy we got a pair!  They have so much fun with each other, when we aren’t loving on them of course!  Lilah is so sweet, gentle and so loving.  She does talk too.  It’s so funny!  Lincoln is a ham.  He will sit up, then when we go to pick him up, he will lay on his back to get a belly rub.  He loves all the attention.  My husband and I are so happy we found you, and the best two little puppies in the world!  Have a Merry Christmas!  Lilah and Lincoln want to wish Mary Margaret and Presley a Merry Christmas too!    Sincerely,  Mary and Denny

Hello, Sandy!  I’m writing (finally!) to give you an update on our puppy that we got from you in January of 2015. We brought little Oliver into our home way back then, and he just had his first birthday yesterday!  Oliver and his sister, Olivia, were born on 11-10-2014 to Marnie and Marshall.  “Oliver” is now Linky (Lincoln, to be proper), and lives a dog’s life here in Tilden, WI (Chippewa Falls) with three other dogs. His best friend is Vinny the dog (formerly Goliath). Vinny’s mom, Kaitlyn, will be marrying my son, Austin, in July, 2016. Vinny and Linky were both sired by Marshall, so we call the boys “brothers from another mother”!  🙂

You advised us that Lincoln would be more of a multiple person dog back when we were trying to choose between him and Olivia, whereas, Olivia was looking like she might be more of a one-person dog. Well, I can tell you that you were spot-on with Linky! He loves everyone! He is VERY friendly and in our household of kids and their friends coming and going, plus we have little great-nieces and great-nephews visiting often, Links does GREAT with all of the different people of all ages! Linky is a snuggler and loves to cuddle when he is tired, but when he’s ready to play, look out! Linky and Vinny pull out all of their toys and play and play until they can’t play anymore! He gets along great with our 2 golden retrievers and Kitterz the cat, also.

We are SO happy that we brought our little Linky home with us, and want to thank you for the quality dogs you’ve raised. I’ve included some pictures of our boys.

Thanks~Jamie and Shana

Hi Sandy! Sorry it has taken so long to get a picture to you of me and my little guy. I had surgery about a week after we came to pick him up and, well, I’m sure you know how time gets away from a person. I decided to name him Porthos. He’s so cute and well behaved. My vet says his health is great and that Porthos also has the nicest set of teeth he’s ever seen on a little dog. Porthos is a little over two pounds now and growing fast! Thank you again! We couldn’t have asked for a better little one. I hope everything is going well for you. PS – say “hi” to your bird for me. 🙂
Take care!  Heather Pekrul-Gulig

Hello Sandy, Thought you would like to see how Gunther is doing Goliath’s brother. Sending you a photo of him.  He’s enjoying his car ride . You were right he got big and strong. His very attached to my wife Maria. We just celebrated his 2nd Birthday in September. Happy Thanksgiving to you and family. Sonny


Hope all is well at your end.  I wanted to update you on the sage of my husband and ZuZu….He has worked with Olaf and has held him while resting in his lounger.  AND ZuZu will now go to my husband –  I attached some pictures of the two of them resting on Bob’s lap during his nap.

Olaf is very shy , but is starting to become more outgoing.  My old female (tan pic) has also accepted Olaf at this point.  He is so sweet and loving. He likes to nibble on my neck when he is sitting on me — way up high around my neck…..Olaf will actually leave my lap and walk across the chairs to go to my husband’s lap.  It is really funny, and I think Bob is enjoying it.

Thanks again, Sandy

Hi Sandy,
I just wanted to let you know Phoebe Fiona is doing great. She is worth every penny I spent on her. Lol. She is 3 lbs. 7oz. now. I think I have been over feeding her so I have cut back a little. She is so cute I can’t ever get mad at her for anything. Lol. I love her to pieces. She gets along great with my other dog, Xavier. She taught him how to actually play. I have never seen him play with another dog. Thank you. Pamela Thorn

Hi Sandy, what a lovebug he is!!!!!  I have named him Gizmo, he is a hoot!  He really came to life and is playing with the other animals, loves the kitty’s.:-)  We just love him,  he is the sweetest thing ever.  I will try and get a photo to you in the next couple of days…thank you for meeting me and for allowing me to adopt Spotless!!  I will be watching your site for new babies!  Cindy;-)

Hello sandy! Just sending some pics of Chloe! She still loves to play! Chloe is now a therapy dog and loves everyone she comes in contact with! She reached 3Ibs and a great companion!  Christa Larsen

Everyone loves him :)! Of course. And he kennels up like a pro! He’s settling in very well. And We love him! He’s been to the vet and he got a perfect bill of health and is up to date on his vaccines! :):)  We love him!!!! 🙂 Anne Marie


Our kitty delilah thinks mannie is her new baby its so cute 🙂